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Welcome to the new design Digital Butterflies website.

The time for a redesign of the old site had well and truly passed.  Please bear with me whilst this reincarnation is built!  Alongside the old online activity files (in IWB Online) you will find a range of additional and hopefully helpful materials.  Don't forget to check the blog for weblinks. 

NEW!! Help guides for making a range of SMART Notebooks.   Go to the SMART Notebooks section.

I'm Vanessa Matthews.

Having started my teaching career in Early Years I have a great affinity to this age phase. The resources on this site are designed to help support the use of technology with young children.

I am a SMART Exemplary Educator (SEE, or SMARTee), a role I am delighted to have! 

Technology is just a tool, but it can be a wonderful addition to the classroom.  The materials here are designed to help you integrate technology in a thoughtful way.

I blog any useful links I find for early years and I occasionally tweet on @NessMatthews



If you would like to link to this site please feel free.  There are some images below you can use to help.